Luminous Icruze 2.8KVA/24V Inverter

  • Technical Specifications: VA Rating: 2.8KVA; Peak Load: 2240W; Output Voltage: 220V (inverter mode)
  • Inverter Type: Pure sine wave output ensuring the safety of your appliances

Product Description

Luminous Icruze 2.8KVA/24V Inverter

The Luminous Icruze 2.8KVA/24V Inverter is a super inverter that can run various high-capacity loads. It makes a great choice because of its super design, connectivity, and technology. ICRUZE is an inverter with unmatched performance, and it is ideal for residence use, offices, and commercial purposes.


Features of the Luminous Icruze 2.8KVA/24V Inverter include:

  • Compact design with improved efficiency and load handling
  • User-friendly LCD display and control buttons
  • Smart inverter with an option of GSM or WIFI connectivity and Android iOS app
  • Intelligent battery charging algorithm optimizes the charging current according to the battery capacity
  • Easily by-pass the device in case of device fault and allow mains to be available without any wire changes
  • Advanced LCD Display: Show inverter battery performance statistics including battery charging time, back-up time, percentage load running on the inverter, fault indications, and many more
  • Convert to a Smart Inverter: iCruze can be converted to a smart inverter by connecting an external Luminous connect dongle (Wi-Fi /GSM) and get inverter statistics on mobile App
  • User Settable Controls: Mode selection (ECO/UPS), Battery type and capacity, and no-load shutdown prevention through control buttons present on the front panel
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with 2 * (12V) battery with 60Ah – 220 Ah capacity. The inverter supports all types of batteries such as flat plate, tubular, and SMF.
  • Protection: AC MCB, By-Pass switch, No-load shutdown, overload, over-temperature, and short-circuit
Brand  Luminous 
Model & Series iCruze 
Type Offline UPS, Home UPS, Inverter
Rating in VA 2800 VA
Rating in Watts 2240 Watts
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Battery Module External Battery Module
No’s of Battery Required 2 Nos
Battery Capacity 120 AH – 220 AH
DC Voltage 24V
Dimensions (L*W*H) in cm 30*32.6*28.4 in cm 
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 32 Kgs 
Country of Manufacture INDIA

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