MonocrystalIine Panel 150WTT


This 150 Watt Solar Panel includes Monocrystalline solar cells (A-class). The solar panel is very powerful and is very suitable for charging batteries and solar generators on the boat, gazebos or camping. It is weatherproof and waterproof and can therefore be permanently mounted.

The 150 W solar panel has a universal MC4 output. Via this output, the solar panel can daily generate an average of 650 Wh of energy. You can store this energy in a solar generator or 12V / 24V lead-acid batteries (in combination with a charge controller). This way, you can use the generated solar energy to power/charge your devices. The Monocrystalline solar cells have an efficiency of +/- 18%.

The solar panel has a size of 148 x 67 x 3,5 cm, and weighs 10,4 kg. It is characterized by a strong aluminum frame and safety glass which is weatherproof. On the back, there is a waterproof junction box.

Product Feature include:

  • Makes use of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Long service life: ≧ 25 years, small attenuation
  • No screw built-in corner connection, tight seal, high mechanical strength
  • High transmittance glass, high transmittance and high mechanical strength
  • Made with sealed waterproof multi-junction box to ensure the safe use of components
  • Effectively resists moisture and salt spray corrosion, from the geographical environment
    can produce various types of solar module, as well as a variety of combinations with the construction of the double-glass solar module, and can be designed according to user requirements,



Product Description

MonocrystalIine Panel 150WTT



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