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  • Dahua Access Control
    Dahua Access Control
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    •  2.4″ TFT display screen with a resolution of 240 × 320.
    •  Audio prompts.
    • Supports 5,000 users, 5,000 cards, 5,000 passwords, 3,000 finger prints, and 100,000 records.
    • The security module expansion is supported to enhance security and protect against the device being opened during a power failure.
    • Fingerprint/card/remote/password unlock and unlock through their combinations.
    • Supports duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact timeout alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm, illegal password exceeding threshold alarm, external alarm and anti-passback alarm.
    • Supports guest users, patrol users, blocklist users, VIP users, general users, and others.
    • TCP/IP communication; auto registration, P2P registration, and DHCP.
    • Supports online update and USB update.
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  • DS-K1A802MF-B Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal
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    System Parameters
    Card Reading Frequency: EM Card (DS-K1T105E/E-C): 125KHz;
    Mifare Card (DS-K1T105M/M-C): 13.56MHz
    Valid Card/ Swiping Record: 100,000 Cards and 300,000 Swiping Card Records
    Operation System: Linux
    Storage: 256M Storage
    Card Reading Mode: Supports EM card reading (DS K1T105E/E-C)
    Supports Mifare card reading, including card No. reading & writing function (DS-K1T105M/M-C)
    Built-in Micro SD Card: Max.32G
    Camera: 2MP (Optional)
    Processor: ≥1GHz, 32 Bit High-performance Processor
    Device Interfaces
    Accessible Card Reader: Card Reader
    Communication Mode: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, RS-485, and Wigand 26/34 (under the card reader mode only)
    Output Interface: Lock Relay × 1, Alarm Relay × 1
    Transmission Rate: TCP/IP, WIFI: 10/100Mbps Self-adaptive,
    RS-485: 19200 bps-N-8-1
    Input Interface: Tamper Alarm × 1, Exit Button × 1, Door Sensor × 1, Alarm Input × 2
    LCD Screen: 320×240 LCD-TFT Display Screen
    Working Current: 500mA ( without Locks)
    Key Board: Keyboard (Back light)
    Power Supply: 12VDC
    Audio: Loudspeaker
    LED Indicator: Power/Status
    Certification: CE, FCC
    Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
    Working Temperature : -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
    Dimensions (L×W×H): 122mm × 82mm × 23mm (4.8” × 3.2” × 0.9″)
    Weight: 280g (9.88lb)
  • Hikvision IP-based Fingerprint Access Control Terminal DS-K1T201MF
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    • Supports Local activation
    • IP addresses conflicted alarm
    • M1 card encryption
    • Supports communicating with 4 software clients simultaneously; Supports uploading
      real-time events
    • Gets offline events: Avoids events losing
    • Doorbell ringtone settings function
    • Touch mode and blue light display technique for keypad
    • Stand-alone settings for the terminal
    • 2.8-inch LCD display screen to display the time, the date, etc.
    • Max. 100,000 cards No., Max. 300,000 access control event records and Max. 5000 fingerprints storage
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  • DS-K1T804MF Hikvision Stand Alone Access Control Terminal
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    Time and Attendance: Advanced

    Biometric Identification: Finger Print

    Card Technology: EM 125 kHZ

    IP Ethernet: Rj45-Min. Cat5-10/100 Base T

  • Hikvision Single door Magnetic Lock DS-K4H250S
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    • Single-door Magnetic Lock
    • Static linear thrust of 300kg
    • Working Current: DC12V(500 mA) / 24VAC(250 mA).
  • Hikvision DS-KH2220 (Indoor Station)
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    • Display screen 7-Inch Colorful TFT LCD,Display resolution 800 × 480
    • Operation method Physical Button
    • Audio input Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone
    • Audio output Built-in Loudspeaker, Audio quality Noise Suppression
    • Echo Cancellation
  • Hikvision Access Control Magnetic Lock DS-K4H250-U
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    Hikvision U-Bracket of Magnetic Lock is suitable access control magnetic lock for DS-K4H250/D.  This Hikvision door access control is suitable for frameless glass door, opens at the angle of 90°.

    The U-bracket adopts aldural material with the surface sandblast. The U-bracket is suitable for magnetic lock of 300kg series. The shell is hard anodizing electroplating operated.  The thickness of glass should be 10 to 15mm. The weight of the U-bracket is 0.32kg (0.70lb). The dimension (L×W×H) of U-bracket is 180×40×28mm (7.09×1.57×1.10”).

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    Material: aldural material with the surface sandblast
    dimension(L×W×H) of U-bracket: 180×40×28mm (7.09×1.57×1.10″)
    Suitable Doors: frameless glass door, opens at the angle of 90°,thickness of glass should be 10 to 15mm
    Shell: hard anodizing electroplating operated
    Weight: 0.32kg (0.70lb)
  • Hikvision Card Reader DS-1101MK
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    System Parameters
    ID Settings: Setting by the DIP Switch on the Main Board
    Card Reading Frequency: 13.56MHz
    Card Reading Distance: 30 to 50mm (1.18 to 1.96″)
    Processor: 32-bit


    Audio Alert: Beeper
    Power Supply: 12VDC
    Working Current: ≤500mA
    Key Board: No Keypad ( DS-K1101M )
    Keypad with 12 Keys (0 to 9, *, #) ( DS-K1101MK)
    Power Consumption: ≤2W
    LED Indicator: Power Indicator; Status LED Indicator
    Protection Level: IP 64
    Installation: Applied for 120 Gang Box Only
    Certification: CE, FCC
    Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
    Working Temperature : -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
    Dimensions (L×W×H): 132.0mm × 92.3mm × 20.5mm (5.20” × 3.63” × 0.81″)
    Weight: ≤ 0.14Kg

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