Luminous Optimus 1.6KVA/24V Inverter

  • Capacity : 1600VA /24V (1.6kVA)
  • Supports 2 units of 12V lead acid battery
  • Display: Advanced, state of the art LCD display showing real time Inverter battery performance statistics
  • LCD Display shows displays backup and charging time



Product Description

Luminous Optimus 1.6KVA/24V Inverter

Luminous Optimus 1.6KVA/24V Inverter is a technologically advanced inverter. The inverter comes with an advanced, state-of-the-art LCD showing real-time inverter battery performance statistics like backup and charging time, mains on, and Eco/UPS mode. It has a charging current range between 8A to 18A settable by the User which means you get to determine your charging current by setting it to your desired Amperes between 8A to 18A . You can vary the output voltage between 200V to 240v. The Luminous Optimus pure sine wave inverter is packed with special features you don’t get to see in other inverters, and it is suitable for homes, offices, and shops.

Features of the Luminous Optimus 1.6KVA/24V Inverter include:

  • Capacity: 1600VA /24V (1.6kVA)
  • Supports 2 units of 12V lead-acid battery
  • Display: Advanced, state of art LCD showing real-time Inverter battery performance statistics: backup & charging time, Mains On, Eco/UPS Mode
  • User settable charging current between (8A-18A)
  • Low voltage battery charging from 95V and fast charging from 120V input supply voltage
  • Mode selector: Eco and UPS mode availability
  • Mains Bypass switch
  • Complete safety with protection features and alarms for short circuit, overload, Over temperature, and low battery
  • Supports all Battery types (Flat, Tubular, and SMF) and all battery capacities (80Ah-250Ah)

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