T30S3Z Orvibo 3 -Gang Zigbee Smart Switch

  • C-Touch technology
  • Sensitive Capacitive Touch Technology
  • Toughened glass of 6.5 mohs hardness
  • Touch Classic Smart Switch

Product Description

T30S3Z Orvibo 3 -Gang Zigbee Smart Switch

The Orvibo T30S3Z 3-Gang Zigbee Smart Switch is a smart light switch used to turn on, dim, or switch off the light.  It adopts superior V-0 fire-proof material, which has anti-thunder, anti-surge, and high-temperature protection. As a result, the smart switch has an operational life span of 30 years of service or over 120 thousand On/Off operations.

Designed with a toughened glass of 6.5 Mohs hardness, which is 3-5 times stronger than ordinary glass. It efficiently prevents scratches and looks more exquisite and smooth. Also housing the latest C-Touch technology to achieve the fast response of 3ms. and with the soft indicator in the night, locate the switch at night.


  • 3D Toughened glass panel (scratch repellent)
  • 3ms fast response ( C-Touch technology)
  • Smart Lighting Control (App, Voice, and Panel)
  • Smart Scene Customization (works with multiple devices)

Product Specification:

Touch Classic- Scene Switch

Product Model: T30S3Z

Product Size: 86*90*38mm

Input Voltage:250V~,50/60Hz

Wiring Method:L & N wire

Working Temperature:-20℃~60℃

Working Humidity:≤80%

Wireless Protocol:ZigBee HA

Encryption:AES-128bit dynamic encryption

Frequency:2.4GHz,IEEE 802.15.4

Transmission Distance:60m(open area))

The Orvibo T30S3Z 3-Gang Zigbee Smart Switch connects to a Zigbee hub and to the App.


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