Pulmos Fingerprint Lock K16

  • Fingerprint pin unlock system
  • MIFI card access
  • One time password for guests
  • Key unlock  and face capturing
  • Door Bell
  • Remote access unlock
  • Surveillance Camera



Product Description

Pulmos Fingerprint Lock K16

This Pulmos smart door lock is a newly designed smart door lock with surveillance camera. Think of it as that smart device with dual features of  home security and door lock. Its integrated design makes it really easy to install and the buttons for operation are placed right in front of the device.

The password lock is fully automatic and can also be locked and unlocked remotely.  Other features include:

  • Easy Users management
  • Quick addition and delete  of unwanted user account,
  • Fingerprint & passwords
  • Powered by 4AA alkaline batteries
  • Three unlocking modes: password, smart card and Mechanical key
  • No computer process required
  • Auto alert at low voltage

The device allows for card use and password unlocks while allowing for easy password management and (or) reset. It is suitable for home use or commercial purposes.


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