ORVIBO Smart Lock C1

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The ORVIBO Smart Lock C1 is the first intelligent access control system designed for apartments, offices, and homes.
Designed to be user-friendly, the ORVIBO Smart Lock C1 is a better upgrade from the common mechanical locks.

Product Description

ORVIBO Smart Lock C1

The ORVIBO Smart Lock C1 is the first intelligent access control system.  Above all, designed for apartments, offices, and homes.
It has a circular fingerprint identification design on the door lock handle. For example, it unlocks the door for you naturally when you place your hand on the handle.

This is a big upgrade from the normal mechanical lock system. For instance, the ORVIBO Smart Lock C1 can use a password, fingerprint, card, or app to open the door. Therefore, making the terminal user-friendly. The smart lock is made of a metal design. Therefore, it has strong corrosion resistance. It also has anti-collision and anti-destructive ability, and usefully prevents criminals from unlocking violently.

Features of the Smart Lock C1

Phone NFC Unlock: Supports mobile phone unlock.

Bluetooth Lock

Camera Lock: By using facial capturing lock

Wifi LOck

EMP protect technology: is used to shield electromagnetic interference. Therefore, it helps to prevent the door lock from an abnormal opening.

Equipped with the Swiss main control chip STM32. Certainly, It has strongly non-tamperable and non-forgeable security attributes. That is to say, Each unlocking has a unique key and certificate to ensure the security of communication data.
AI Fingerprint Recognition: The Swiss FPC fingerprint acquisition system is used to effectively identify the fingerprints of the majority of the age group.

400 days battery life: making the protection more durable.

Support Home Automation: Connect the door lock through Homemate APP. Consequently, it will automatically link with other smart home devices to achieve the full house linkage for different scenes.


Brand: ORVIBO.
Name: ORVIBO Smart Door Lock.
Model: C1.
Product specifications: 352mm * 70mm * 67mm (panel).
Power parameter: DC 3V.
Battery type: 4 AA batteries, 2 cells / group.
Working current: <100mAFingerprint rejection rate: <0.1%>.
Standby current: <50μA (400 days battery life).
Emergency power supply: DC 5V.
Fingerprint recognition type: biometrics (Swedish FPC fingerprint chip).
User capacity: 25 users (each user supports 4 fingerprints and 2 sets of passwords and 2 sets of cards).
Wireless module: WiFi.
Unlocking method: fingerprint, password, card, mechanical key, APP, NFC.
Intelligent alarm: anti-theft, crisis unlock, low battery emergency.

power supply interface: Type C interface.

Fingerprint recognition rate: <0.0001%Intelligent status monitoring: networking status, battery power.
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃.
Operating humidity: 0 ~ 90% RH.
Door lock material: aluminium alloy + ABS + tempered glass.
Flame retardant rating: UL94 V-0.

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