Orvibo CT10 Smart Wifi Magic Cube controller


The Orvibo CT10 Smart Wifi Magic Cube controller is a smart Wifi IR blaster that is able to connect/control smart devices through the use of IR technologies. It can be connected to  Alexa, Google Assistant to enable voice control.

Product Description

Orvibo CT10 Smart Wifi Magic Cube controller

The Orvibo CT10 Smart Wifi Magic Cube controller is a smart Wi-Fi IR blaster. Above all, It is useful for controlling most IR home appliances via smartphone. Its simple design and multi-functional use make it easy to replace all kinds of controllers in your house.

With one Smartphone, controlling most of the IR appliances is now possible.  That is to say, You can link your smartphone to the Orvibo CT10 Smart Wifi Magic Cube controller. which also supports more than 8000 different brands of IR appliances.

Product Features include:

  • Smart Wi-Fi remote control: with the scattering cone design to powerful 360 Degree infrared signalling. Consequently, turning every connected device into a smart device and controlling all IR devices.
  • Strong code-storage: supported more than 8000 appliance devices around the world.  That is to say, almost 95 of IR appliances on the market.
  • Many controllers to one: combine the remotes of infrared home appliances. Remotely control appliances by your smartphone anywhere and control it as you like in your Home mate app.
  • Smarter your life: set up the timer and scene on the phone to make the water heater, gas alarm, and smart camera run together in the security model. One key to open the home theatre mode and all linkage appliances will open automatically.
  • Powerful function: superpower infrared transmitter, launch distance at least 10 meters. The top shell adopts special infrared transmitting material, transmittance as high as 95%, making the signal stronger.

Product Specification:

Model: CT10

Appearance: Magic Cube Infrared Remote

Wireless Type: WiFi 2.4GHz

Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Infrared  Frequency: 20~60KHz

Case Material: PC + ABS + TPU

Infrared Transmittance: 93%

Product Size: 53x53x54mm

Infrared Remote Distance: 8m+

Supported IR Appliances Brand: 8000+

Infrared Remote Angle:   360°

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