Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Pure Sine-Wave Inverter

  • Fast charging speed
  • More load capacity
  • Enhances battery life
  • More back-up time


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Product Description

Microtek 2.3KVA/24V Pure Sine-Wave Inverter is an Indian brand of inverters that was founded in 1986. This Inverter uses the latest in  MPPT/PWM algorithm to produce a smooth pure sine wave output, that allows the device to run without a continuous humming or buzzing sound. This amazing feature helps to create a safer and noiseless inverter solution.

This Pure Sine-Wave Inverter, designed with bigger transformers, the Microtek 2.3KVA/24V Pure Sine-Wave Inverter can provide better performance for a longer period of time thus providing an affordable, alternative power solution for homes and small businesses.

Also, Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Pure Sine-Wave Inverter possesses a micro-controller-based intelligent control design and displays indicators for faults and status.

Furthermore, users enjoy long backups and extra protection for electronic devices from sudden power cuts. Microtek 2.3KVA/24V Pure Sine-Wave Inverter is easily serviceable and manageable, with its intelligent control design and indicators.

The output wave-form is a sine-wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity—essential for your expensive equipment.

Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Pure Sine-Wave Inverter prevents crashes in computers, weird print outs and glitches in computer monitors.

In conclusion, it saves electricity on charging, and clocks and audio equipment will behave much better on a pure sine wave.




Features include:

  • Highly Efficient PWM Charging ensures More Battery Life and Improved Solar System Performance.
  • Automatically recognizes Day & Night.
  • Mosfet Switching System.
  • Micro Controller-based design.
  • Priority Load Sharing through Solar during the daytime, thereby saving your mains electricity.
  • Functions independently as a Solar Charge Controller when the front Switch is in Off Position.
  • Compatible with all types of Batteries: SMF/Flat Plate/Tubular.


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