Gas Sensor LS086WH

  • Multi-type gas detection including methane, natural gas, and biogas
  • Real-time monitoring of your house safety
  • Notifications and record searching via the app
  • Built-in sound alarm



Product Description

Gas Sensor LS086WH

The LifeSmart Gas Sensor is the perfect gas alarm device that sounds an alarm for immediate notification. It can provide a timely warning when natural gas leaks. It uses industrial-grade sensors for real-time detection and also supports remote viewing from mobile phones. Once a gas leak is discovered, LifeSmart Gas Sensor will immediately sound the alarm and push the information to your phone to help you eliminate gas hazards.

This Gas sensor is really essential such in the eventuality of a gas leak, the alarm would alert people around giving them the opportunity to leave.

Other features of this smart gas sensor are:

General Products
Model Number LS086WH
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Detecting Types Methane、 natural gas、 biogas
Sensors Gas sensor

Concentration range:300~10000ppm

Sensitivity adjustable

Power Supply DC 5V
Power Consumption 450mW
Battery Powered No
Battery Type
Interface Micro USB power supply*2

(Two orientations, only need to connect one of them )

Button Self-checking button

Pairing button

Indicator LED
Sound Alarm Alarm speaker

Alarm sound pressure>70db/m

Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range(Open Field) 200m
Color Ivory white
Dimensions 71*71*32mm
Weight 55g
Casing ABS

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