DSPPA 20w Coaxial Ceiling Speaker AUX168II




Product Description

The DSPPA AUX168II 20w Coaxial Ceiling Speaker is a 20 watts 6.5 inches frameless coaxial ceiling speaker. Manufactured by DSPPA  a leader in audio-visual media systems.

The 6.5″ speakers were designed to pair with an amplifier through the use of coaxial cables.

Features include:

  • High-quality engineering plastic with beautiful appearance configuration, small and exquisite terminals
  • The scattering range is very wide and with its strong magnetic device and the 2-phase circuit, it sounds clear.
  • With high sensitivity, strong and deep low frequency
  • The fashionable thin-edge planer and the carbon alloy aluminium mesh design with the RAL white coating so as to integrate with any indoor place perfectly.
  • Equipped with a 6.5” bass unit with magnetic circuit encapsulated with special engineering plastic process, and the drum paper formed with tripping and hot pressing of algae salved organisms, for the purpose of super-strong reproduction of voice and music.
  • Powerful clip design, durable and reliable, easy to install.
  • Concentric 0.75″ tweeter, provide crystal clear sounds.
  • The DSPPA AUX168II 20w Coaxial Ceiling Speaker is a two-frequency ceiling speaker, with a wide range of sound diffusion, large output power, easy installation, and can reproduce the voice and music.It’s an ideal choice for you to install a ceiling-mounted speaker with perfect sound quality.

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